Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family Service Project

This year was perfect for our family. The service was to be done within your own family and then to find someone in your neighborhood to serve. We went to visit an old lady named Betty Seely, we talked and sang her some songs.
As for the service in our family we drew out names and for a week served those names anonymously. We all really enjoyed it, it was the focuse on for the week. The results were felt in the heart...we all loved it. Thanks Scott & Jamie for such a wonderful idea.

Later we all meet on a Monday night and talked about our results and had a Family Home Evening.
while taking photos I stumbled upon this gem
then Nate
and Hailey

And celebrated Greg's Happy Birthday

Greg did he traditional Tepanyaki dinner. The kids ask and look forward to this meal. Its a once in a year thing for us...its fun and we love it. Thanks Mom and Dad for having a such a great tradition.

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