Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Foggy Christmas Eve

Rudolph was needed last night to make deliveries it was FOGGY!

Christmas was wonderful there was so much JOY and Gratitude it was peaceful.

We didn't open presents until 8:00 however I did not want to get up...I was tired, Beckam was up fussing every hour from 1 til 6 and the sad thing is he is such a fun cute little boy, I don't talk about that much because a lack of sleep is always on the brain. I know it will change soon, just gotta see what we can do for him.
I cheered up as I saw the joy in their faces...everyone so excited to have Christmas here, so excited in fact that they didn't get much sleep last night either.
Later we had the yummy brunch at Nana and Grandpa's and played some games. Relaxing and fun and that's how Christmas should be. And now, I'm tired and should go to bed but I just need a, I blog!!!

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