Friday, December 10, 2010

Lets Play Soccer

We LOVE to play indoor soccer. I wish I could pay for this all the time and for everyone. Its just how much we love it.
This particular game was a little rough. We won 11-3 and at the end of the game all the kids on the other team where crying...most of us where hurt.
Bryn thought they where being mean on purpose but they just didn't know how to play and kept hacking at the ball, or what they thought was the ball when it was really their shins & feet.
The other team is a family team and they didn't have any subs, its probably why they where crying, tired and hurt. Its too bad I think the ref could have done a better job.

I wish I could post this series with motion so you could see the shot. It was awesome and I'm proud of myself that I got it too.

Bryn will take a few shots from defense...she's got a hard shot and can make them sometimes.

Love to see them playing together

I'm sure this was after a goal.

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