Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Its been on my mind for some time now. This is the time I enjoyed decorating my house, or the house we used to live in. It was one of the times Greg was excited to get into decorating the tree. To me there was something about having that tree, fresh cut, large and beautiful. I marveled at it as I walked past it everyday and looking at all its glory. I wish I could walk in the front door and take another look. I know the house gave us grief at times but I sure did love the changes that happened. I know I have to move on and I will but just had to say what was on my mind.

I do have to say it was so easy to set up the tree this year, fake and prelit.
Here's a look at all the decorations that are up around the house. This year the kids did most of the decorating. Everything on the tree was chosen by them and made by them.
I joy in looking at Christmas trees ever since I was a girl and this just makes my heart melt to see all the ornaments that have been made with pride by these children.

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Keri said...

What a great post. your old tree was beautiful, I would miss it too. Love your fake one though. Mine is a small $20 one from Target this year. it was that or nothin' LOL!