Monday, April 25, 2011

Flat Tire

It really does happen. When it rains it pours (double meaning). Just as we pulled into our soccer game the tire went completely flat. And it literally started to pour raining outside so we ran inside to play a game and then we'll figure out the stupid tire. After the game, that we won, we decided to get home (to get the right tools and some warm clothes) and come back to fix the tire for family home evening. And to get home it took 3 cars to get my big family of 7 home. Funny!
We thought it would be a great lesson to have the kids learn how to change the tire. Ummm, that didn't work as panned it was one of Greg's worse tire changes, we broke a tool, couldn't get the spare down and it was freezing cold.

After changing the tire we made our way to Macey's for ice cream. I finally got the chance to get a shot of Elyse skipping down the isle with dad. She loves to do this for her date.

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Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

That last picture ROCKS! Looks like they are catching some serious air! How fun!