Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Made Swings

I love this photo though its blurry. I wanted it that way to show the motion the best part is that his smile is in focus. I know I'm gonna miss these days its why I capture what I can of their youth. Its another reason why I love photography because while I have a great memory I can't remember ALL the details.

I found this cute saying and had to add my own words to it and share it on my blog for this is truly what I love...being a MOM.
I love that tomorrow morning, the sun is sure to rise, and I love that if I’m lucky, I’ll find a moment to go outside and stand in it. I love that at 9 am, I’ll hear little feet pitter patting their way to the potty and then in to make sure I haven’t sleep a solitary MOMENT longer than necessary. I love that I’ll get to make breakfast, wash dishes, hold hands, make lunches and kiss boo boos. I love that at one point or another, I’m guaranteed to want to hide in the bathroom to find one tiny moment of solitude and peace. I love that there will be chaos, all kinds of glorious madness, and that I’ll have to walk a 5 year old to the naughty chair approximately seven hundred and forty-six times...k not really that many times Isaac is a good kids but it sound funny. I love that the day will stretch, pull, trample and prod at every recess of my heart and that it is likely to test my will to the breaking point. . . because all these things are evidence that life is good and that God always giveth FAR more than he taketh.

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