Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Birthday Bash for Gabe

11 things we love about Gabe

1- He is so willing to help.
2- Wants to do what is RIGHT.
3- An inventor, very creative one.
4- He loves to be better: at soccer, being a brother a son or a friend, at trying new things out like racquetball.
5- Responsible
6- He loves LAUGH
7- He works hard to earn money. For his Birthday he got $160 and counting because of his earnings.
8- Big Heart
9- Handsome
10- Beautiful smile
11- He plans to serve a mission

We love having this BOY in our family he like the rest of them make it complete.

So another year has past and Gabe is now 1 year older and wiser and a little mischievous. I can't tell yet. He was showing off a little too much.
He had such a blast it started out with playing some racquetball with Dad and going out to eat at In & Out, going to the pool, jumping off of the roof onto the tramp, and checking out the new movie Karate Kid. He also stayed up late I think it was like 1 or 2 that he finally got some shut eye. And then it started back up the next day around 9 Calvin was knocking at the door.
Gabe & Calvin have been inseparable since summer started mostly spending their days at Calvin's though, it might be because they get away with more over there...I don't know, Calvin is a little homebody.
Boys don't want their photo taken so I had to get creative and asked them to pretend to fight and as Gabe put up his fist his elbow hit him right in the face. But they thought it was COOL!
He doesn't want me to take any photos to he was trying to hide behind his hand but I got a little something.

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