Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I don't know how great of a day it was for Dad (you have to remember this is written from my perspective). After church we came home and had a wonderful nap together. During this nap the kids made cards for Dad, Grandpa, and Grandpa Darrell and Gabe cleaned up all the mess and went beyond that and did the dishes too. It was so wonderful to me. He knew that Dad had all the jobs today so he did them for him. I know Dad loved it he was still a little sleepy to respond. So we had dinner went to visit my Grandpa Lewis and ran into Darrell as we were leaving and then visited Loren.

We are so grateful for you. You are the best for all of us. We love how you keep us laughing at your animated stories and even at you. I know the kids love their special dates they get to have with you and they will never forget them.

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