Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just an update

Last weekend Isaac learned how to ride a 2 wheeler at Tye's house. It was a surprise because I could barely get him to ride his new spider man bike he got for his birthday and now he is on a 2 wheeler. On the ride home all he could talk about was how he needed to get his training wheels off and that he was too big for them. Pictures to come soon.

Father's and son's was a blast. Gabe brought his own tent and so Isaac wanted one of Greg's old ones it had some missing pieces to get it setup right but he was able to jimmy rig it to work and it took Isaac all of 2 secs to decide he didn't want to sleep alone. It sounds like there was a lot of playing, rope swinging, zip line, canoeing, a large campfire (that I here Gabe started making and it didn't stop there he had to come home and make one to), obstacle course, rope bridge and singing by the fire...something like cumbya.
*no pics to show of this event. last time I sent the camera and it never left the spot I put it in so I didn't send one this time.
The girls had some time together we went swimming, then food Cafe Rio and Taco Amigo, visited Grannie nails painted. We stopped to get a movie and ended up with 3 then did our own campfire at home and ended the night watching tooth fairy in my bed and then Dear John it wasn't until 2 a.m. before we got some shut eye...sleep in time was about 10. Elyse's quote was "this is the best day ever."

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