Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I put Ely and Isaac into some swimming lessons to calm my head about them drowning. They both love it. Isaac was a little hesitant the day after his first lesson because he didn't want to get water in his ears...its a day later and he has gotten past it. Ely has to sleep in her swimming suit at night to make sure that we wont have any problems getting there.
I wish I could have them keep going and have the rest of the kids in the lessons to but we get to choose for now what things we get to do.

It has been a joy to watch them learn from Sheila and learn so quickly too. Everything that is asked of them to do they can do it and they both feel so proud of themselves. They can't stop smiling about it. This is the joy of being able to be home with our kids. I love watching this growth.

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Mindy said...

Who teaches the swimming lessons? I want to put my kid in some and want to make sure they will actually teach him to swim by himself. Your kids are so cute and look like good little swimmers.