Saturday, July 10, 2010


Gabe just got caught toilet papering and the best part is I thought he had been here the whole night. He wouldn't sneek out...but I did hear some kids outside and thought I wonder if that is Gabe and friends but this pregnant butt didn't get up to check I just kept editing. So, we woke him up and asked "did you do it?" he said "yes" and off he went to get it cleaned up.

****update: Gabe got it all cleaned up but ended up doing it all himself and was a little bummed and believes that his friends added to the toilet paper mess. He was really upset that the blame was put on him and in his eyes it was all of them that came up with it. So what is he going to learn from it? I'm not sure yet, we will see.
Sorry Andrea Gabe was in tears after it happened.

So today he feels better. He is getting into this...he wants to pull pranks but I don't think its in his sweet heart to do it.

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