Thursday, July 08, 2010


Bryn has been learning the value of work and get paid. She likes to clean up her own messes and get paid for them and I say nope you gotta do a job that is extra not one that you created. So, today she was taught by Gabe to mow the lawn. She did a really good job to.
This summer has been all about making money and going to Wal-mart to spend it. They will ride their bikes their and I think what they love is the freedom to roam the store and find something to buy and today Elyse went with them.
They have all spent a lot of time together due to the neighbors being out of town or busy. Its been fun to see all the creative things they have done and how well they get along with each other. Don't get me wrong they have some differences but for the most part they are all great friends.
Today Bryn made a shirt...her very own design. Gabe helped cut everything out for her while Isaac Ely and I ran some errands.

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