Monday, July 26, 2010


This week has a big to-do and I hope that I can get thru it all.

Go to Costco: get CD-R, wipes (must have...don't forget) & some food...check
Tires rotated...check
Mow the Lawn...check
Hearth and Home...closed when I got there, goes on tomorrows list...did this

What else do I need to put on the list:
paint downstairs to get ready for carpet....ummmm, may have to wait.
weed the front yard...wait til september
get some diapers...did this
UPS office...did this
call insurance agent
find out babysitting
take the kids swimming on last time for the summer
clean the house and hope it can stay clean...not sure about that one
get nails filled...must
edit one more session...did this
call clients that want to schedule for august...did this
make a post again about not scheduling for august and september
make sure I have all the props I need for the baby's pictures

I pretty much want to get it all done we'll see what does get CHECKED off.

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