Sunday, July 04, 2010

Me pregnant

Because it’s me in front of the camera. It was a little…well, I just didn’t like it very much. I have a complex about seeing myself on film but I do it so that my children can remember me at anytime not just in high school or when I got married…all the after I’ve had children and even the pregnant times. I do have to say it was hard and I really feel for my clients.

I love the photos THANK YOU so much Stephanie for taking them for me. Just gotta swallow my pride and get past the issues and know that my kids will love seeing me…at least I think they will.

FYI: I am due August 7th and I plan, though the doctor doesn’t know this yet, on being induced a week early. I will not be taking any more sessions until October maybe longer I just don’t know how this having 5 children will be for me (just know I will be taking care of those that are scheduled don’t worry about that). So, if your wanting the fall family sessions contact me to get scheduled or if I fill up I will give you some referrals.

Peace Out!!!!

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Nat said...

Jess! You are absoluteley gorgeous prego or not! You are such a natural beauty! I'm so excited for your lil' fam! ;) :) :) Love you sweetie!