Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Elyse

Last night was the last night she would be 6 she is officially 7 now not 6 and 3/4. Her Birthday started Friday when she had Madelynn sleep over. She then invited a few friends (Taya, Kylee and Madelynn) to come to the pool with us today as we ventured off to the Lindon was a blast!

She didn't want cake and so we got cookies but they were a little hard to put the candles in them so I stuck them in the ice cream. FUN!

And the 7 things we love about Elyse:

1- Happy all the time.
2- She shares everything of hers.
3- She loves to read to us.
4- Love to hear her laugh.
5- Has funny comments.
6- Smart
7- Kind, Full of Grace, Big Heart, & wants to do what is right all the time.

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Jilleen said...

Happy birthday, Elyse!