Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy Christmas Eve

It may not seem so crazy but for me it was...what do I do to entertain the kids they are dying to have Christmas NOW since they woke up this morning. I don't have a lot of motivation to go do anything but I wanted something to know how that goes. So, we opted for a lot of movie's one of them was at the get out of the house...then we came home and made Santa some goodies to eat (no cookies this time it was some yummy Chex Mix) After the goodies we made we warmed up some appetizers and headed downstairs for then next round of movies Miracle on 34th Street then Night at the Museum but before that started the kids were begging to go to bed and I said "NO"
If you remember last year they went to bed around 9 or so but then woke up around 2 in the morning...then Greg (being a night owl) thought it was party time so he turns on a movie. Yep, that kinda makes me a cranky person. You know, I think about it sometimes...Jess, just live in the moment have fun but when it interferes with my sleep I really can't live in the moment.

Santa already visited with some gifts. I think it was about 9 and the doorbell rang the kids ran upstairs to open the door and Ely jumps back a little with surprise wondering is this real and in comes Santa and Ben the Elf caring bags. It was so fun to see the smiles on there faces wondering what this was all about. They looked inside each of their bags and saw that it was real presents. NOW they really can't wait til Christmas...oh, how fun it is to see their sweet excitement and wonder what Christmas will bring. I love that JOY it brings me back to my childhood....trying to go so to sleep and lying there for what seemed FOREVER and then finally off to dream about those sugarplums.

***update it is 11:11 and Isaac is now awake after falling asleep around 8 (he missed the first Santa experience) so it looks like he will be up til 2 and the girls are still awake in there beds.

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