Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ely asked

"Do you only have to be good in December?"

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Amy Lindstrom said...

That is awesome! :) What did you say?

HEY! I need you to send me a JPG for your photography blog! I am launching the new blog tomorrow and there (I think) will be something mentioned about it in a newspaper article the Times News is doing on our family tomorrow! I would LOVE to have a little somethin somethin for you on their, but I wanted you to pick what it is!

It needs to be 185 pixels wide. Whatever you want in length. You can make it a picture or do an advertisement of sorts. Whatever you want...cause I like ya so darn much! :) (Oh, and you are the most talented person I know!) :)

Email it to me as soon as you can! THANKS!