Saturday, December 19, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

This is how we spent our Black Friday...cutting down the shopping for us.
The whole family went on the trip this time (Me, Dad, Grumpa, Steve, Gabe, Bryn, Ely, and Isaac). SUPER fun! It wasn't very cold and the snow...well, there wasn't very much of it this year which is a plus when your dragging a few trees over 16 ft. tall. This year ours reached over 20ft just shy of the ceiling.

My dear Greg, I know this takes a lot of work and time but I soooooooo love to have such a beautiful tree.

Steve's tree
We (me and the kids) stayed back to do some sledding. Elyse and Isaac lasted about 10 minutes. Gabe and Bryn lasted until the trees were being brought back.

While getting ready to leave Isaac had played with his gloves...I didn't notice unfortunately they got left behind at home. The only gloves that we had were Dad's old snowboarding gloves and he wanted nothing to do with them. These shots make me smile!

...and my HOT Man!

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