Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today Greg/Dad celebrates 35 years of life.

I stayed home from church to fight off a migraine and it's finally gone and now I have some time to make a post about my wonderful husband before he gets home from church. Words cannot describe how much I love this man, at least my words, Greg is always asking me if I want him to proof my, no that's just me. I also have a hard time expressing all that love mushey stuff too.
This man, my husband I will be with forever, has amazing confidence and resilience for life it is inspiring. He has been my rock and a great mentor for me and many others. I have grown so much as a person because of him. I love his thirst for knowledge, only when it makes him change not me, he is my personal directory when I get lost I call him if I need a number. He makes me laugh at the wrong times...when it needs to be quite he will make a whity remark...then it's not so quiet and people are staring at me.
I read a quote the other day that I need to have made on a shirt for Greg "I am allergic to stupid people"
-He is my Bob the Builder
-He is perfect with the children. He plays with them gives them confidence to help them succeed in life and most imprtantly he loves them and they know it.
-He is a priesthood holder I didn't have that growing up...let's say it means a lot to me to have such a strong worthy man providing and guiding our family. Especially as of late with our experiences we are going thru now I am greatful you are so postive and know that we will be blessed...because of you I will hold strong and support you and know to that we will be okay. As long as we have each other...right! This is our new quote for making it thru this challenge of not making enough money to provide what we used before.


Cannon's said...

You are great! SO is Greg. Glad you've got each other. My new go-to qoute is "Come what May and Love it." Elder Wirthlin. Get's me through.

Greg n Jess said...

Jess - you are totally great to be married to. Only you can pull me from serious to joyful the way you do. I'd be married to you forever if you'll have me.