Sunday, December 20, 2009

Temple Square

Greg booked his day with meetings...can you believe that on his birthday. Bad Dad that deserves a slap on the hand. It took some prodding...if you love me you will change your meetings and go to temple square with us. So he did. It all worked out and I'm glad we did, though it was a busy night for temple square it didn't feel like a Sunday.

It's always good to reflect on our Savior at this time a of year when the hype of Santa is all around. The manger scene is one that always brings tears to my eyes for Mary went thru a lot and if it were me I may have murmured a bit (just a bit) but it seems she was at peace with it all knowing the joy that would come into her life to have savior born.

Greg, that hat is really HOT on you.


Jilleen said...

Those are some great pics, Jess. Happy birthday, Greg!!

The Cederlinds said...

Beautiful pics!!